Super Shorty Reviews

In lieu of full-length reviews, here are a few mini-reviews for some of the films I’ve recently seen.

The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) – Original concept, highly recommended
The Sacrament (2013) – Unnecessary, not recommended
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead (2014) – Silly and irreverent, recommended
Snowpiercer (2013) – Okay, I could take or leave it
The Quiet Ones (2014) – I don’t get the hate, I enjoyed it
As Above, So Below (2014) – Okay, I enjoyed it

While unintentional, most of the recent movies I’ve seen have been first person/found footage. Some people aren’t fans of this style but I don’t mind these types of films (as long as the camera work sin’t too shaky). Longer reviews to come (sooner than later, I hope!)…


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Movie Review: “We Are What We Are” (2013)


To belatedly celebrate Thanksgiving, I decided to post a review of a movie that really stuck with me. I watched We Are What We Are months ago but its cannibalistic theme makes a fun seasonal addition to my review blog.

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Horror Block Review: August 2014

August marks my 3rd Horror Block and actually the 3rd month of the subscription service. Horror Block launched its first box in June 2014. I signed up in good faith and have been loyal ever since. Back in 2013 I subscribed to another horror subscription service-Box of Dread. I wasn’t happy with it (read more here) but Horror Block consistency delivers awesome boxes!

Each month I’ve been exceptionally pleased with the service so for August, I decided to document my unboxing. Here’s my haul!


Kitten disclaimer: June Bug’s are always closer than they appear.

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Box of Dread (2013) vs Horror Block (2014)


Back in the fall of 2013, subscribed to Dread Central’s Box of Dread. To put it bluntly, I was really disappointed. Cumulatively, my 3 Boxes of Dread contained:

  • random assortments of cheap candy
  • Child’s Play “Good Guy” battery stickers (3-4 identical stickers for two consecutive months)
  • 2 Horror Decor matchbooks (1 identical matchbook for two consecutive months)
  • 1 Horror Decor pen
  • 1 Horror Decor magnet
  • 2 Dread Central sticks (1 identical sticker for 2 consecutive months)
  • a plastic skull
  • 2 Walking Dead Funko POP! Mini Vinyls (I did get a blood variant zombie (yay!)-the other was Merle)
  • a Sam from Trick ‘R Treat paper doll (which was available as a free download online)
  • a “make-up” Lovecraft mousepad Dread Central sent to subscribers for October to apologize for the lackluster box that month



After my 3-month subscription was up for  Box of Dread, I decided not to renew. I went into a horror subscription box withdrawal until I saw a preview in 2014 for a new horror-themed service by the Nerd Block group. I decided to give it a go and received my first box in June 2014. I loved it!

For me, Horror Block grossly outshines Box of Dread foremost in the areas of consistency and quality. Box of Dread‘s downfall is a lock of quality control. I was extremely irritated after viewing other subscribers’ Box of Dread unboxing videos, finding that they received limited edition items that weren’t included in my box. For example, I received a plastic skull in October 2013’s box while some subscribers received promotional Trick ‘r’ Treat items and even a horror drink tumbler (valued around $10). While I think the quality control issues have been improved upon in recent months, Box of Dread still seems like a gamble for me.

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Movie Review: “Wolf Creek 2” (2013)

WOLF CREEK 2 movie poster -- exclusive image

I’m superseding the two posts I’ve been working on to publish this review of Wolf Creek 2 solely because this movie was that impressive to me. I own the first Wolf Creek (2005) and enjoyed it more than I expected I would. While I typically don’t favor the torture sub-genre, I did find the first to be a fresh take on this popular niche. I also liked the ambiguity of the ending. I might have read more into it, but I did like the idea that maybe this horrible caricature of a villain didn’t exist-that possibly some cute young guy could be the malicious murderer.

I was really surprised when I learned that a sequel was in the works. Wolf Creek came out nearly a decade ago and gained popularity as more of a cult favorite among horror fans. I had no knowledge of the plot for the sequel and only learned that it had been released when I saw it pop onto Netflix’s “Recently Added” queue. So on a whim this past Sunday night, I decided to go ahead and watch it, having little expectations, and my God, what a brutal film this was.

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