February 2017 Horror Pack Unboxing

Disclaimer: this review is for the February 2017 Blu-Ray pack. I pay for this subscription with my own money and am not being compensated for this review.


Horror Pack is a monthly horror movie subscription service that delivers 4 horror films to your door each month. The movies are new, plastic shrink-wrapped, and arrive in a plastic mailer packaged inside a cardboard box. Subscribers can choose between the DVD pack or the Blu-Ray pack, or splurge and get both! Announced for 2017, each monthly Blu-Ray pack will include a limited edition Horror Pack Blu-Ray.

Monthly subscription plans range from $19.99 per month for DVD to $24.99 for Blu-Ray with free U.S. shipping. Discounted plans are available if you pre-pay for multiple months. Subscribers of each plan receive the same movies, however the Blu-Ray and DVD pack movies do differ. For example, all Blu-Ray subscribers receive the same 4 Blu-Ray discs and accordingly, all DVD subscribers receive the same 4 DVDs. Subscribing to both the Blu-Ray and DVD plans would result in 8 unique movies each month, which is something I’m seriously considering.

With Horror Pack, I really like that there are no variations between each plan because as a subscription box fan, I’ve been upset by other services that deliver different products to their subscribers. I’m an on-and-off subscriber to Horror Pack. I received my first pack back in April 2016 and I was really happy with it. I kept the subscription up for a few months before discontinuing for financial reasons (on principle, I actually canceled ALL my subscription boxes during this time while I listed my house). Now that I’ve sold my townhouse, I’m in a position to be able to fritter away my monthly paycheck on impractical subscriptions, and have resubscribed to Horror Pack.

Before I jump into my unboxing, I want to sent a quick shoutout to the Horror Pack team. They are approachable, responsive to messages, and very active on their social media accounts. In fact back in April, I won a copy of The Awakening (2011) on Blu-Ray from Horror Pack during one of their Facebook comment giveaways. They hold contests frequently so I highly recommend entering sometime.

Onto the movies! I’m listing them here in the order that I pulled them out of the packaging.

Blu-Ray #1: Minutes Past Midnight (2016)

This is the exclusive Blu-Ray for February. I haven’t heard of this film but am excited to learn that it’s an anthology. Since I like to avoid spoilers before watching a movie, I didn’t read much more about this film. I did see that it features Barbara Steele (Black Sunday [1960], Piranha [1978]) so that’s even more of a reason that I’m looking forward to checking this one out. In all honesty though, I haven’t been altogether impressed with Horror Pack exclusives. I find them generally incredibly low budget and campy but I do like to give them a fair shot.

Blu-Ray #2: All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

Yes! I’m happy to add this to my collection. I had a suspicion All Cheerleaders Die might be in this month’s set because Horror Pack posted a trivia question earlier in the month on Facebook that seemed to fit this movie. While I have already seen this film, I enjoyed it and will certainly watch it again. I’m a fan of Lucky McKee and I don’t actually own any of his movies so this was a winner for me.

Blu-Ray #3: Mother (2013)

Okay, so this one is kind of an anomaly. I haven’t seen nor heard of Mother, and when I checked IMDB.com I didn’t see a listing for this movie. Daryl Hannah’s IMDB page makes no mention of this film. So I did a little digging and discovered this is a TV movie that aired under the name Social Nightmare. I quickly discovered this debuted on Lifetime, so my initial excitement was a bit subdued. I’m not entirely disappointed though, in fact I have a guilty pleasure for lifetime horror/drama movies. My favorites tend to be supernatural, but I’m looking forward to going into Mother (Social Nightmare) with an open mind.

Blu-Ray #4: The Collector (2009)

Yay! Of all 4 films, this is the one I’m happiest about. My husband and I saw The Collector a few years ago. I think we rented it or caught it on Netflix. We enjoyed it so much that we ventured out to theaters to catch the sequel, The Collection (2012). I have a strong disposition about villain story lines: they should either be fully explained (and make sense) or be left completely unexplained. I hate a throwaway premise that is too convenient. These are oftentimes delivered as a monologue by the bad guy just before unsuccessfully dispatching the potential victim. When a villain’s identity or motives are not divulged, I find it makes for an even creepier experience. That is exactly how I’d describe The Collector (and also it’s sequel The Collection).

Overall impression:

I’m really pleased with this month’s Horror Pack. For me, there was a nice balance of movies I’d seen and liked balanced with movies I haven’t seen–or heard of–that I’m looking forward to checking out. If I had to make a criticism for this month, it was that all the films were fairly recent releases. Generally I’d appreciate an older or classic film to add into the mix to balance out the set, however for the Blu-Ray pack, I imagine classics and older films are pricier for the Horror Pack crew to obtain in bulk.

February 2017 Horror Pack Blu-Ray Pack Rating: 8/10

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