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February 2017 Horror Pack Unboxing

Disclaimer: this review is for the February 2017 Blu-Ray pack. I pay for this subscription with my own money and am not being compensated for this review.


Horror Pack is a monthly horror movie subscription service that delivers 4 horror films to your door each month. The movies are new, plastic shrink-wrapped, and arrive in a plastic mailer packaged inside a cardboard box. Subscribers can choose between the DVD pack or the Blu-Ray pack, or splurge and get both! Announced for 2017, each monthly Blu-Ray pack will include a limited edition Horror Pack Blu-Ray.

Monthly subscription plans range from $19.99 per month for DVD to $24.99 for Blu-Ray with free U.S. shipping. Discounted plans are available if you pre-pay for multiple months. Subscribers of each plan receive the same movies, however the Blu-Ray and DVD pack movies do differ. For example, all Blu-Ray subscribers receive the same 4 Blu-Ray discs and accordingly, all DVD subscribers receive the same 4 DVDs. Subscribing to both the Blu-Ray and DVD plans would result in 8 unique movies each month, which is something I’m seriously considering.

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Santa Clarita Diet: Season One Review

For those who follow my site, you probably recall that I try to avoid trailers and spoilers whenever possible. A few weeks ago I saw a headline in my Facebook feed mentioning Drew Barrymore’s upcoming original series developed for Netflix was a zombie show. While the zombie angle was intriguing,  it somewhat bothered me as I would have preferred to discover the nature of the show on my own. In all honesty though, I probably wouldn’t have turned to a Drew Barrymore comedy on my own without knowing this, so it’s probably good that I found out the zombie twist. If not for reading the Facebook headline, I probably would have seen the preview on Netflix. I applaud myself for avoiding the trailer. It wasn’t easy as Netflix prominently featured an auto-play preview for Santa Clarita Diet and man, it was frustrating having to navigate out of that queue every time I logged into Netflix.

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2017: Resurrecting the Site

To those who followed my site before, my apologies. It has been well over a year since my last post and honestly, my only excuse is that life got in the way. Over these last 18 months, A LOT has happened in my life. Thankfully it’s all been good stuff but nonetheless, still heavy stuff that weighed on me. Here’s a recap:

  • October 2015 – We moved into a new house. I previously lived in a townhouse that I promptly outgrew when I began dating my guy (and when we subsequently rescued several kitties). Our cat family grew from one special needs kitty to six rescues, two who did not get along. We needed more space, we wanted a yard, and mostly, we had to get away from our intrusive neighbors and domineering Home Owners Association.Our new home is amazing and fits us perfectly.

    We’re in a remote area but still within 25 minutes to work. Our house has hardwood floors, 2,400 sq feet of living space and another 900 more sq ft of mostly finished basement. We have more than an acre of woodsy land and lots of space to build a catio.

  • March – April 2016 – We rescued two adolescent female cats, one who was unfortunately very pregnant. On April 10th, Valentine (we first spotted her in February) delivered four healthy kittens on the doorstep of our front porch.

    Valentine raised her kittens in the basement and to our dismay, we were unsuccessful at getting the kittens adopted. So here we are, with twelve cats! We have the space but it’s a lot of work. I love all these furballs though so it’s definitely worth it.

  • September 2016 – After months of repairs, cleaning, and waiting for the market to turn around, I listed my townhouse. The best case scenario would be that I would lose several thousand dollars since buying it in 2010, but we had some savings and were ready to move on and ditch the HOA.
  • September 30, 2016 – We got married! We had a small courthouse ceremony with my parents as witnesses. I wore the same dress I was wearing with my guy first asked me out. We didn’t want a a big deal made because honestly, we both agreed we’d rather have a marriage than a wedding.
  • November 2016 – My townhouse sold! Within one week of listing it, I received a full price offer. There were a few minor delays but even after selling it at a loss, we still came out ahead because we’re out of there!

I’ve logged a few work accomplishments too, but those aren’t really things I think you guys care about so I’ll spare you the boring library details. But yeah, those are the milestones I’ve managed over this past 18 months. During that time I’ve done a lot of soul searching and reflection, worried myself sick on more nights than I can remember, but I am now happy to say that I’m in a place where I can focus on myself and can get back into the things I enjoy.

Also during this time, my husband (it’s still weird saying that) is a programmer and has helped me migrate the website to a new server. He also created the little tab logo: cropped-cat-website-icon-scarylibrary-transparent-1.pngwhich I think is pretty nifty. Please bare with me as I get back into regular site updates and work with the new server, etc.



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