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Santa Clarita Diet: Season One Review

For those who follow my site, you probably recall that I try to avoid trailers and spoilers whenever possible. A few weeks ago I saw a headline in my Facebook feed mentioning Drew Barrymore’s upcoming original series developed for Netflix was a zombie show. While the zombie angle was intriguing,  it somewhat bothered me as I would have preferred to discover the nature of the show on my own. In all honesty though, I probably wouldn’t have turned to a Drew Barrymore comedy on my own without knowing this, so it’s probably good that I found out the zombie twist. If not for reading the Facebook headline, I probably would have seen the preview on Netflix. I applaud myself for avoiding the trailer. It wasn’t easy as Netflix prominently featured an auto-play preview for Santa Clarita Diet and man, it was frustrating having to navigate out of that queue every time I logged into Netflix.

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